Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Help with Fall Recruitment!

Hello Delta G's!

As the fall approaches, the Collegiate girls are anxiously at work planning recruitment. Courtney Lee and Priscila Driggs are the advisors and they need some help. These are the things they need:

1. Sponsorship forms! You can send them to 1558 Princeton Ave. SLC Utah 84105 by August 13th. Download them HERE by logging into MYDG.
2. 15 volunteers to help Chloee Drews with the recruitment workshop on Saturday, August 20th from 11:30 am-1 pm.
3. 8 people on Saturday, August 27th, to help with chip voting in the basement. 2-6:30pm.
4. 8 people on Monday, August 29th, also to help with chip voting. 3:00-8:00pm.
5. Dinner for the girls on Monday, August 29th, at 7:50pm. Appox 60 girls.

Please contact Courtney Lee @ 801.870.7959 or courtneyannlee@gmail.com as soon as possible.

For the Recruitment Workshop contact Chloee Drews @ 801.597.1238

Thanks for all your support!