Sunday, July 13, 2008

DG convention '08

Hey Ladies! This is Shellie Simpson (pledge class '03) and I recently attended the Delta Gamma convention in Palm Desert California. It was fabulous and I learned a lot of great information that I would like to pass onto you and share some pictures. Here are some of the main changes and great new things I learned while at convention:

1. EO has launched a new social networking site just for Delta Gammas. If you go to the Anchor's Online website ( you can click on the MyDG link to set up your account. It is similar to facebook and MySpace but exclusively for Delta Gammas. We will be creating an alumnae group on the site to inform everyone of upcoming events, birthdays, dues, etc.

2. EO will now be invoicing you for your per capita dues. This way you can pay online or send a check to them. This DOES NOT include your local chapter dues, which will be made payable to your local chapter treasurer. This is a great new way to help our local chapter know who is paying and possibly connect with sisters that are paying their per capita dues but are not involved or aware of our local chapter.

3. EO will be holding the first ever Helen Dunbar Lucas Alumnae Academy in Columbus, Ohio next year (April 17-19). All alumnae are invited to attend and the Delta Gamma Foundation will pay for one alumnae delagate to attend.

4. Congratulations! We were a recipient of the Alumnae excellence award!!

I am so excited for these changes and our new alumnae board. We are working hard to make the '08-'09 alumnae year the best ever! I lok forward to seeing all of you in the year to come!!

Shellie Simpson