Friday, April 18, 2008

Delta Gamma Alumnae Annual Flower Sale 2008

It's that time of year again to dig out our gardening gloves and welcome summer with a splash of colorful blooms. Once again, we have gone back to the same Ogden-based nursery. All orders will be available in time for Mother's Day. So treat yourself, your mom or a friend to some cheerful flowers and at the same time support the Salt Lake Alumnae Chapter.

FLOWER PICK-UP ON MAY 9 or 10, 2008

Geraniums & Hanging Geraniums
Geraniums potted in 4 1/2" square pots - $3.50
Colors: Snow White - Red - Salmon - Light Pink - Dark Pink

Hanging Geraniums are multi-colored Pink/Burgundy combination (4 1/2" square pots)

Flat of Petunias (12 packs of 4, 48 total) - $14.00
Colors: Red - White - Pink - Burgundy - Sugar Daddy (Plum) - Blue - Mixed

Just email with your orders - remember to include type, color and quantity. We will not be sending out order forms in the mail this year, so make sure that if you know of anyone that would like to order and isn't on our email list to send an order for them. Remember that you can combine orders with someone - friends, family, or neighbors. They don't have to be DGs. If your order is above $75, then we will deliver your order to your home. If it is under $75 then you'll need to pick up your order at Ashley Aoki's Home (email for address). If you don't want to drive to Draper, then order over $75!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A Compliment From Our Regional Alumnae Specialist

I received the following email from our Regional Alumnae Specialist and wanted to share with all of you so that you know that all of your efforts do not go unnoticed:

Dear Ashley:
I am preparing the alumnae review for EO and wanted to tell your alumnae what a wonderful profile and activities you present.Salt Lake City alumnae have such strengths and your collumnae activities sound so engaging.You show and increase in membership over the biennium from 37 to 43.Wonderful! ***If your 50 year members pay their local dues to your SLC group they may be counted as long as their names are sent to EO. If this is your situation,will you be able to get that information to EO rather quickly?Really, next year or next convention you should consider nominating your chapter for the outstanding chapter award.Thank you and congratulations again!
Elissa Feldmeyer

Elissa F. Feldmeyer, Iota-U of IllinoisDelta Gamma FraternityRegion 7 Alumnae Specialist4814 Avondale CircleColorado Springs, CO 80917-3602719-574-5649 (H)719-660-7378 (C)

A DG's Book

I was just emailed the following email and just thought that I would share incase anyone is looking for a book to read (and support another DG):

Hi Ashley, I'm a 1991 alum from UC Berkeley (Gamma), and I just published a romantic comedy! It's called "Perfect on Paper," and it's about a single woman in San Francisco whose life is hardly perfect. I like to say the target audience is any woman who has ever had a really bad date or realized halfway through the work day that her skirt is on backwards.
Thank you Ashley-- and ITB!
Maria Murnane

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Founders Day 2008

Founder's Day 2008 was a great success largely due to our great event chair Jacque Riehl-Knell. She did a wonderful job planning this event. We want to give her a huge thank you!The Program

Thanks to all of our sponsors that donated items for the Silent Auction and other goods to make the night possible.Our great new alums that helped by donating time and energy to help make this event possible. They are: Lisa Sandoval, Shellie Simpson & Jacqi Livingston.Ladies from Pledge Class 1995 - the ladies being shushed! From left to right - Natalie Cole Cook, Emily Muir Redd, Whitney Hammer Hall, and Michelle Bridge Barrus.
The Outstanding Members accepting their awards. The Outstanding Members are from the collegiate chapter.
All the ladies sitting down to dinner.
Annie Sidwell recognizing our only 50 year member to attend Founder's Day, Margaret Thompson Sanders.
Annie also recognized Luella Wheeler Finlinson for her 76 years of Delta Gamma membership! She is such an adorable woman who hasn't lost any of her spunk. We hope to see her again next year! She was one of the original members of DG on the University of Utah campus.