Monday, February 25, 2008

Summer Schedules

Hi Ladies~

I just saw on Alisa's blog that she is coming to SLC soon. I was thought I would check in to see if anyone has their summer trips planned yet. I know there are a ton of us that are "out-of towners" and I would love to see as many as I can. My 3 and I can come whenever so let us know of any times that would be better. The pool party at Chelsea's was so much fun, I would love to try to plan another playdate!

Can't wait to see everyone's kids again! I posted some of my 3 since I can't stand posts without pictures ;)

ITB- Rachel (Reeves)
Will- 1, Presley- 2, Kaitlyn- 3

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pledge Class '00

Apparently these ladies are getting together and not emailing me the photos. I've stolen this off of Ashley Peterson Beck's blog. Isn't it a cute picture of all of them - it's Ashley Peterson, Katie Clark, Laura Stoker & Tess Bennett. I love to see that they are all still getting together and they are as beautiful as every. DG's ROCK!!!

Be warned that if I find anymore cute pictures on anyone else's blogs - they might show up here.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Founder's Day Update

Founder's Day will be on March 24, 2008. We had originally planned it for March 17, but found out while planning that the collegians will be on Spring Break. All the specific details are still in the planning stages. You should be receiving an invitation via mail in the next few weeks and I'll email everyone the specific details as well. If you don't receive the emails or mailings that we send out, please let me know by emailing me at If you have any comments or suggestions about Founder's Day - you can post a comment on at the end of this post. We would love to see as many women that came last year.

Also, for those that are willing to donate any items for the silent auction - please email me as well.

Thanks & ITB,
Ashley Canick Aoki

February Update

Hi Ladies,

Here is our new blog. Sorry for the change, but the last blog site I tried to use was not as user friendly as this one. I promise it won't change again.

I've had a few ideas about the blog and one of them was to attach everyone's individual blogs on the sidebar. All of you who blog know what I'm talking about. So - if you have a blog and don't mind it appearing on this blog so people can connect with you - please just leave a comment here with your first name & maiden name , pledge year and blog address. This will help us to keep in contact with all of our 'sisters' out there that may no longer be living close to Utah anymore. I'll post my personal blog so that you can all see what I mean for those of you who think that I'm speaking French right now.

If anyone would like the blog username and password so you can post something - just email me at I'll be happy to give it out to anyone. I just don't want to send out a mass email with it because we don't need any randoms posting anything for us.

Ashley Canick Aoki

Pledge Class '97 & '98

From left to right (back row) - Chelsea Brubaker, Ashley Canick, Chelsa Greene, Merilee Fetzer, Jenesey Hayes(front row) - Tanna Bourne, Joni VanBoreum, Amy StokerSome ladies from pledge classes of 1997 & 1998 had a little gathering at Chelsa Greene Adamson's house over the holiday break because Jenesey Hayes (AZ) & Chelsea Brubaker (PA) where in town. We all had a great time catching up and watching all of our little rugrats run around and play together.

Thanks for letting us all come over Chelsa!!Please email me at if you would like me to post something for you. I know that there are DG get-togethers going on out there and we want to hear about them. Please share!!!

Birthday Lunch

Some of the ladies from the pledge class of '96 got together to celebrate some birthdays at Red Butte Cafe. From right to left - Summer, Emily, Whitney, Michelle and Anne.

DG Pool Party

Pledge Classes of 1997 - 1999 - Pool Party
It was a day to reunite with the women that you might have not seen in awhile and catch up. Meeting the new additions to everyone's lives was also a much added bonus! It was a lot of fun! Thanks to Chelsea for letting us use your pool!
From right to left: KT Steenblik, Amy Stoker, Chelsa Greene, Joni VanBoerum, Chelsea Brubaker, Rachel Reeves, Tanna Bourne, Whitney Cannon, Ashley Canick